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BOGO: Veneer Base Coat #3 + GET No Cleanse Top Coat FREE

BOGO: Veneer Base Coat #3 + GET No Cleanse Top Coat FREE

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This BOGO Includes: 1 Veneer Base Coat #3 0.43 fl oz (13 mL) and 1 No Cleanse Top Coat 0.43 fl oz (13 mL).

Veneer Base Coat #3:

Our Gel Polish Veneer #3 Base Coat Treatment you know and love. An essential base coat needed for gel colour polish application.

Base is the first layer of the LED/UV curing process in the Gel Polish Veneer service. It acts as a barrier to prevent any staining of the nail. 

LED/UV lamp needed to cure.

No Cleanse Top Coat:

Gorgeous High Shine, Durable Finish without the Sticky Layer. Can be used over soak-off gel polish, hard gels, dip powders, builder gels and acrylic without micro shattering.


  • LED / UV Curable 1 min LED / 2 min under UV
  • Color Resistant
  • High Shine
  • No Sticky Layer
  • No Micro Shattering
  • Works with all Cuccio Products
  • Made in the USA
Cures with a LED/UV lamp, not included.
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