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Cuccio Pro

Press-On Cure & Color Nail Kit

Press-On Cure & Color Nail Kit

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Create a Full Set of Salon-Style Nails in 30 minutes or Less with our Gels Made Simple Press-On Cure & Color Full Coverage Nails Kit! Fast & Easy!

Cuccio Pro™ Press-On Cure & Color Kit gives you all the essentials you need from prep to finish to create flawless nail extensions all in one kit.

Includes: Cuccio Builder Gel 1/8oz, Cuccio No Cleanse Top Coat 1/8oz, Cuccio Veneer Gel Colour 1/8oz, Primer Pen, Mini USB Curing Lamp, Full Coverage Nails in 2 trendsetting styles, 20 pack of Long & Luxurious and 20 pack of Short & Sassy, Instructions.

Cuccio Pro Brush-on Builder Gel: is a Calcium enriched builder gel, in an easy brush-on formula that applies like a soak-off gel polish but works like a hard gel. It's the perfect combination of the easy application and removal of Soak Off Gel with the durability of hard gel. This LED/UV gel formula is fortified with Calcium, to help strengthen and nourish the natural nail. 


  • LED/UV Self leveling lightweight formula
  • Convenient brush-on formula, allows for easy application
  • Allows you to reinforce, build and extend a natural nail
  • An ergonomic brush design for optimal control with medium length bristles for perfect brush to product ratio
  • Clear clarity for encapsulating nail art
  • Odorless for a safer salon environment
  • Superior adhesion technology for strong bonds
  • Excellent for fortifying and strengthening weak, fragile, brittle nails during wear
  • Easily soaks off
  • Multi-functional across all Cuccio™ products

Cuccio Pro Press-On Cure & Color Kit

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