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Cuccio Naturale

Milk & Honey Hydration Essentials Kit

Milk & Honey Hydration Essentials Kit

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4 oz Body Butter and 2.5 oz Cuticle Oil Kit:

Milk and honey naturally soothes and moisturizes. Lactic acids from milk adds moisture.

Milk & Honey Butter Blend:

The professionals’ choice! Rich non-oily intense hydration with time-released moisturizers for long lasting extra soft, silky skin. 

How To Use: Apply daily to hands, feet or body and massage gently.

Milk and Honey Revitalizing Cuticle Oil:

A unique natural complex of rich, lightweight oils to provide moisture and nourish the cuticles. Absorbs easily into the skin without excess oiliness for maximum hydration.

How To Use: Apply one drop to each cuticle and massage gently. Can be used daily. 


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