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T3 LED/UV Calcium Versatility Gel - Self Leveling

T3 LED/UV Calcium Versatility Gel - Self Leveling

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Fortified with Calcium to strengthen the natural nail and to help promote nail growth. Prevents nails from cracking and desquamation. Can be used over natural nails as a natural foundation or to create a protective base for applying other materials.

Available in clear, pink and white colour shades and size options.

T3 LED/UV Self Leveling Versatility Gel: Calcium enriched T3 LED control gel but thinner. Acrylics are not flexible and can snap against too much stress. Incredible flexibility combined with professional strength adhesion, T3’s viscosity offers total gives you the ability to create exceptional results from a gel at affordable prices.


  • Enriched with Calcium to provide strength
  • Calcium Keratin Bonds In Nails
  • Cool Cure Technology to prevent heat reaction while curing
  • Strength an acrylic without the odor
  • Non-yellowing, high shine finish
  • Compatible with Cuccio Veneer – Mix Veneer with T3 to create color hard gels
  • Cures in 60 Seconds with LED lamp. We recommend our Max Pro 5 lamp for best curing results
  • Cures in 2 min UV
  • UV Brighteners and Stabilizer
  • Formula provides flexibility to help prevent cracking & breaking
  • High Gloss Shine Finish
  • Self leveling formula!
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